Krasser Move- text  Frank Göhre ( Mystery Writer )

Lars is a nice guy , but it’s not easy to stay nice if someone like Chucker is hunting you .

Chucker does business, which he sometimes even has to complete with the gun.

 The empty shells stuck in his hat band.

Chucker is only known with hat and iron.

However, it is better, do not even know him.

Lars, it also places not just at it.

He only thinks he has to get the lucky bag,

 although he is shot there.

Two masked have robbed the safe in a movie theater and drop the loot on their panicked escape. And so Lars carries the bag with one hundred thousand € away . It is Chucker`s hidden money, and that has consequences. Who is playing games with Chucker, could pay with his life. With its also hard hitting and sadistic acting manager at the aside he sets everything in motion to get his money back and punish the thief evil.

 A corrupt cop has to be actived, and also a killer is on his way to find Lars.

Hamburg shows its icy side.

Lars but still believes himself to be safe. He wants himself and his girlfriend Lenka to enjoy a cruise trip. This is well-meant but it collapses by the way of coke consumption of the girl. It leaves marks, and so Lars hideout could be eventually discovered. He has to escape, a corpse is left behind and get Chucker is not able to carry it off. Nor that his friend and legal adviser Richie is punished by his wife with a TV ban and now has a visit from a giant squirrel. Crass. A blatant Move that in which so many out of hand and only believes to win,  who threaded the robbery. But finally is left with nothing. Nevertheless, there’s a happy ending – sure,  otherwise it would be not a movie.

Actor & the staff

Actors / actresses

Lars Jensen – Timo Jacobs

Girlfriend of Lars – Lenka Arnold

Chucker – Rene Chambalu

Manager – Marion Schmitz Gretchen

Accountant – Hanni Bergesch

Lawyer Richard Lowenstein – Christian Dabeler

Wife of Lawyer – Almut Klotz

Operators of cinema-Wolfgang Sangmeister
Dealer – Metin Baydak

investigator for the police Daniel Schmidt – Lüthge

Husband – Fabian von Borcke

Wife – Agnieszka Krzeminska

Gangster 1 – Ulrich Bildstein

Gangster 2 – Borwin Richter

Cinema Cashier  -Leoba Krebser

Guitarist – Bernd Hobe

Musicians Conga drums Cuba Slawski

Doctor – Alfred Janta

Medical assistant – Mirjam Wildner

Girlfriend of manager – Nora Johanna Werdich

Captain 1 – Karl-Heinz Dellwo

Captain 2 – Theo Bruns

Waiter – Halil Ibrahim Gungor

Staff list

Director: Torsten Stegmann

Camera: Roland Bertram

Sound: Giuseppe Gagliano

Editing: Elmar Podlasly

Written by: Torsten Stegmann, Borwin Richter

Film Music: Christian Dabeler, Helge Dube, Rene Chambalu

Production: Torsten Stegmann, Borwin Richter

Executive Producer: Michael Wolf

Story Consultant: Frank Göhre

Project Coaching: Borwin Richter

Colourgrading and title: Christian Grundey

Special effect: Stefan Rohde

Poster Design : Imke State

Coaching actors, extras: Borwin Richter

Sound Design: Giuseppe Gagliano, Christian Dabeler

Supervision: Borwin Richter


About the Filmmaker 

Torsten Stegmann was born in the early 60s, in Hamburg.

In Hamburg they call him the „oldest young filmmakers Germany.“

From a young age he went with his father to the movies in Barmbek , Godzilla and saw Winnetou films.

This led to a very early interest in films in the 1970s, he continued to go to the movies, looked with fondness German Social dramas and TV Movies of Klaus Lemke – this interest remained until today.

In the 1980s until the late 1990s he worked as a musician in Germany , Denmark and the former Soviet Union on the way until he suffered a sudden loss of hearing one day and back to his old passion devoted to the theater and film. He worked for 10 years in small hamburger cinema Off B-movie ,  and brought there again the cinephile – cineastes cinema pure. Organized many thriving film series such as John Cassavetes, St Pauli films ( he discovered included the film “ Rocker“ by Klaus Lemke for the cinema, which the B- Movie and to this day the St Pauli Open Air am Millerntorplatz brought sold-out houses) , Dario Argento , Werner Enke and much more. founded in 2006 with Henna Peschel the River Elbe Festival, both organize to this day alone once a year .In 2005, his first short film was “ King Harry “ at the Hamburg Short Film Festival . In 2008, he turned with friends in the 4 part of Rollo Aller . The success of this small film gave him an incentive for the film : “ Harry’s comeback – Last Puff Helgoland “ , which was shot with amateur actors with only a small budget.

 For filmography on imdb.de

For filmography on Filmportal.de


Krasser Move (2014)

Torsten Stegmann, DUI, 62 min, German, EN Subs
Krasser’s Move is like if the cinema of Quentin Tarantino moved to the seedy underworld of our eastern neighbours. The German antisocial gangster, Chucker, is on the hunt for his loot stolen by a coke-snorting huckster. Chuckers female accomplice However has evil plans and preys on the money. Who is ultimately cheating who? Low-budget intrigue crime story filmed in Hamburg with comical dialogues and a raw German edge.

See more at: http://www.butff.nl/en/work/krasser-move#sthash.2hYhGTpW.dpuf


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